how to heal a broken heart

by we're not really strangers

💔 breakups skew ur memory. they were not perfect. u will be better than before, if u decide to be.

💔 this breakup isn't about anyone's inherent worth or not being "enough". it's about compatibility and what each person needs in this current moment. if it doesn't align, that's okay.

💔 if you initiated the breakup, remember: leaving someone is also liberating them. letting someone go if you're not happy is just as much for them as it is for you.

💔 if u were broken up with, remember: being left is also being liberated. if someone wants to leave ur life, let them. do u really want someone that doesn't want u?

💔 gather the lessons. what did u learn u want from a relationship? what did u learn u don't want?

💔 get clear on what u want to give in a relationship moving forward. not just what u want to receive. what unique value do you bring to a partnership?

💔 what do u love to do that u were neglecting during the relationship? do more of that.

💔 just because this relationship is over doesn't mean the beauty that existed is taken away. partnerships don't have to last forever to be successful. growth happens, often not in the same direction for both people.

💔 congrats!! ppl are either happy in their relationships or too afraid to break up. you've gotten out of a relationship that wasn't right for u. this is something to celebrate :')


the end of a relationship is the beginning of a new one...with yourself. use this pack as a tool to self-reflect and heal after a breakup (new or old). whether breaking up with a friend or lover, this pack was designed to help with the process of letting go. ready??