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who is wnrs?

We live our lives around strangers everyday. They drive us home drunk, deliver us our ramen at 2 am, and we can even crash at their place. We are more connected than we’ve ever been. But how often are we truly connecting?

We believe the most important thing in life is our connections to other people and that we are always just one question away from being connected to anyone. But we get it, talking to people can be intimidating, especially people we don’t know. And plus, sometimes there’s just no good excuse to raise certain questions- and so we miss out on conversations that might have rescued us. Sometimes we just need a social okay to strike a conversation… we offer this social okay in the form a new kind of card game. Yes it’s a game, but a little stranger.

The WNRS card game explores and hinges on people’s perception of one another and in many ways their perception of themselves. It examines how easy it is and convenient it is often for people to see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe, and very often be dead wrong. And how that can not only lead to misunderstanding but also confusion and tragedy…and as a result we otherize individuals we deem to be unlike ourselves.

Between Trump’s divisiveness, black people being shot with no consequences, ISIS attacking civilians for worshipping a different God, trans people being beaten and murdered for living their truth, women being told they are sex objects, and endless other things, the same problem floats so clearly to the surface, again and again: in the perception that we are different, strange, we create room for the idea that others are less human than we are. (http://www.darlingdays.com)

WNRS respectively challenges that notion. We believe we need to be talking to one another. Even if we don’t seem eye to eye, especially if we don’t see eye to eye. We hope to bridge this gap through this game. But this is just the very beginning. And we can’t do it alone. Let’s connect and work together to make the world feel like a smaller place, one stranger at a time.

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